SUFI “MARTIR” DARI LAMPUNG (Studi Kasus K. H. A. Hanafiah dari Sukadana Lampung Timur)

Wan, Jamaluddin SUFI “MARTIR” DARI LAMPUNG (Studi Kasus K. H. A. Hanafiah dari Sukadana Lampung Timur). Kalam.

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Abstract KH. Ahmad Hanafiah is well known as one of Indonesian sufi mortars in The First Clash of Dutch colonialism on Lampung district (now province), Sumatera in 1947. So far, his role as a prominent ulama and Islamic thinker in Lampung is unknown enough due to the study and research on it is still limited and widely unpublished. This writing is trying to reveal the biography of KH. Ahmad Hanafiah as a sufi-hero and moslem scholar (ulama’) by using descriptive-cualitative methods on his book collections in Sukadana and analyzing their content by implementing a hermeneutical and historical approaches to elaborate the way of thinking and intellectual characteristics embodied in the sufi-hero. This study is emphasizing that KH. Ahmad Hanafiah is really and factually a sufi-hero recorded by both of two historical traditions such as the book of A.H. Nasution and governmental statements, as well as the oral traditions of Lampung people. His intellectual characters represented not only by his works but also by his book collections existing in Sukadana, Lampung. Thus, proving this two characters of KHAH, it is very convincing to say that he has his own intellectual connections and networks that related him to some Malay-Indonesian prominent scholars such as Syeikh Abd al-Shamad al-Jawi al-Palimbani, Syeikh Yusuf al-Makassari, Syeikh Muhammad Arsyad al-Banjari, etc. from the end of 18 and the beginning of 19 centuries and also K.H. Hasyim Asy’ari in first halp of 20 century.

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