Process, Results, and Consequences of Madrasa Accreditation: A Case Study in Lampung, Indonesia

Makbuloh, Deden (2017) Process, Results, and Consequences of Madrasa Accreditation: A Case Study in Lampung, Indonesia. Advanced Science Letters, 23 (2). pp. 948-952. ISSN 1936-6612

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This is a scientific article of research on the accreditation of the so-called Madrasa or Islamic Education resulting positive and negative consequences. This research focused on the process and results of the Madrasa Accreditation in Lampung. The data was collected using Focus Group Discussion with Assessors Team and was triangulated with documentation from various sources. Data on the consequence of the Madrasa accreditation was collected and analyzed through questionnaires given to 15 members of Madrasa supervisors in Lampung province asking 11 aspects of Madrasa Quality enhancement. The findings showed that the Madrasa accreditation was done by the so-called BAN-S/M regularly in every 5 years-period, the process and results of the Madrasa accreditation in Lampung has anticipated the defect of the national education system implementation that enables to enhance accountability and stakeholders’ recognition. Madrasa can make continuous quality improvement as the practice of quality assurance to produce quality madrasa graduates. The consequence of the accreditation has enforced the commitment to place quality first on the 11 points of the quality enhancement. The madrasa accreditation has promoted the attainment of madrasa relevance to the need of the Indonesian community that suits the national decree of national education system. Keywords: Accreditation, BAN-S/M, Quality Assurance, Educational Standard, Madrasa.

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