Work Culture of an Islamic Junior

Siti, Patimah (2019) Work Culture of an Islamic Junior. Discussion Paper. Fakultas Tarbiyah dan Keguruan UIN Raden Intan.

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Islamic Junior High School also known as Moarasah Tsanawiyah was introduced to the Indonesian education to produce quality education. But in reality. the quality of education is still low. One of the reasons of this phcnorncnon is due to the performance of teachers which is below standard. One of the factors to elevate these standards is the ethics of work culture. Work culture is a set of behavioral patterns that arc inherent in almost every iudrvrdual in an organization. Building a culture also means improving maintaining positive sides. This study was conducted with Focus Group Discussion and interviews with teachers, leaders, school commitres, staff and students from three different madrasah to sec how the culture values such as integrity. professionalism. innovation. responsibility and exemplary was utilized in this study. Based on the results. it was observed that these yet the result arc far from satisfacuon. The reasons for this is due to the lack of communication, limited of human resources in the field of technology. and poor understanding of rules and applicable laws Therefore. ti is pertinent for the M1n1su1• of Religious Affairs and these Madrasah Tsanawtyah to work closely to ensure a good working environment is achieved. Keywords: Integrity, profcsionatism, innovation, responsibility, exemplary

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