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ABSTRACT Connotative meaning is the significance and expression that have been conveyed depending on what the reader or listener perceives, rather than just the concept itself. Songs were a type of literary work that could have connotative meaning. One of the media used most frequently to spread messages or values is music. This research focuses on analyzing the connotative meaning contained in Adele's song lyrics, which aims to: 1) To identify the types of connotative meaning in the Adele‟s song lyrics; 2) To identify the message contained in the connotative meaning in Adele‟s song lyrics. In this research, the descriptive qualitative method was used. The researcher used Adele‟s song lyrics to analyze the data; one of them is Easy on Me. The documents used by the researcher, as well as the researcher herself, served as the research instruments. Techniques of data collection were done by browsing the song, watching and listening to the song lyrics on YouTube, and copying them. Data analysis was carried out using Miles and Huberman's theory. The steps of data analysis were data condensation, data display, drawing and verifying conclusions. In order to verify the data, the researcher used a validator. The research findings, which were based on Michael Halley theory, found that there are three different types of connotative meaning: positive connotation, neutral connotation, and negative connotation. From the lyrics of the song, there are forty-six data points that contain connotative meaning. including it is found that there are eight positive connotation with the percentage 17.3%, 11 neutral connotations with the percentage 24%, and 27 negative connotations with the percentage 58.6%. From the explanation above, it can be concluded that the most common type of Connotative Meaning that found in 5 Adele‟s Song Lyrics is negative connotation with the number of data are 27 word with the percentage 58.6%. Negative connotations mostly used in song lyrics to replace the actual meaning to replace the true meaning that aims to convey something bad, because in the song's lyrics it tells us about Adele‟s life, which is full of misery. The song lyrics also make it more interesting to understand it. The message the author intended to express was discovered by the researcher through this research. The series of words written in the lyrics of the song describe the situation and feelings that are being experienced. There are several songs entitled “Easy on Me.” The song‟s lyrics described Adele's plea for her son, as well as her struggles with her broken marriage. “To Be Loved” Adele explained that she wants to be loved and cannot live in a continuous lie. “Oh my God,” the song's lyrics explained, this contains the Adele‟s misery as she investigated her desire to place herself, which she found difficult to achieve. “My Little Love,” Adele explaining of her divorce to her nine-year-old son, Angelo. She has confused as a result of Angelo's barrage of questions. Adele told her son then she had been in a very bad mood lately, which was when she had a truthful conversation with Angelo. Despite separating from Konecki, Adele later told her son that she still loved her father. The song "I Drink Wine" then described how Adele's adult life was not as expected as a child. Adele wanted these songs to be a reflection and a way of accepting the situation for her. Adele uses her melodious voice that makes the listeners easily moved. The series of words written in the lyrics of the song describe the situation and feelings of Adele, who is experiencing a downturn after divorcing her husband. Keywords : Connotative Meaning, Semantics, Song

Item Type: Thesis (Diploma)
Subjects: Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris
Divisions: Fakultas Tarbiyah dan Keguruan > Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris
Date Deposited: 17 Mar 2023 02:38
Last Modified: 17 Mar 2023 02:38

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